School concept

Studyka, a link between higher education and the business world

Studyka allows schools and universities to forge closer ties between students and the business world. Thanks to Studyka, skills acquired at school are put into practice as soon as possible. Students get in contact with professionals, gain experience and expand their opportunities after graduation.

Our challenges for you

Your students will work on real business issues while enlarging their professional network. Relaying our challenges to your students is giving them the opportunity to become professionals and to put their theoretical knowledge into practice as well as finding internships or jobs.

Studyka in the curriculums

Integrate our challenges in the curriculum of your students: our challenges have a high academic value for your students. Many teachers have integrated our challenges in their courses to encourage students to participate actively. Contact us for more information!

Studyka Intervention

With a strong experience in the field of innovation and teaching, Studyka can go to your school and provide lectures about open innovation issues. Offer your students the ability to open themselves to innovation by exercing with real issues.

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