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I am a student

What kind of challenge do I find through Studyka?

The challenges you’ll find on Studyka will allow you to help businesses solve their current problems, by dealing with subjects in a team of students with different skills.

What can I win?

There are many prizes to win in each of our challenges: travels, iPads, computers, etc… In particular, winning a Studyka challenge is the opportunity to present your ideas in front of a prestigious professionals jury. Expand your network by presenting your project in the premises of your favorite companies and get access to custom-made internship and job offers. With Studyka you can get really close to recruiters and show your best side through our challenges!

How long is a challenge?

A challenge lasts about 3-4 months.

How does a challenge proceed?

A challenge with Studyka consists of two subsequent steps: a first preselection step and a final selection phase. The award ceremony is usually held in the month following the last step.

What should I do during the preselection?

The preselection stage will allow you to give a concise presentation of your ideas: through a PDF of maximum 1 to 3 slides, you are invited to express your ideas with writing, without going into details. Advice: Be as concise as possible, and try to stand out at this stage to give the desire for the company to go further with you.

What do I do during the final?

So the company chose your first record to continue in the finals? Congrats! The second phase calls for a more successful record, details of which are given in the terms and conditions of the challenge. Remember to take good care of the formatting . At this stage you have about a 50 per cent chance of being one of the prizewinners out of the best 10 team!

What is the final like?

A final is usually held in the organizing companys’ own premises: opportunity for the finalists to meet the organizers and build professional relationships. Each team takes turns to present their project to a jury of professionals which thereafter deliberates. Winners receive their prizes and a cocktail follows presentations to exchange ideas and network.

How many teams reach the final?

The number of finalists depends on the challenge. It is generally between 5 and 10 teams.

How many can we be in a team?

The number of students in a team is between 2 and 4 people. This number is always specified in the terms and conditions of a challenge.

I want to create a team with my colleagues / friends with the same education as me. Can I do it?

Most challenges don’t require the mandatory creation of multidisciplinary teams. However, we recommend that you have a team with the most diversified skills so that each candidate brings his unique perspective to issues raised: the scientist brings the observer perspective, the marketing person brings the commercial arguments, and the artist designer summarizes and formates: remember, complementary teams have a strong company appeal 😉

I am interested in a challenge, but I do not know anyone around me with whom I could create my team. What can I do?

With Studyka, you can join already established teams: many students are looking for a member, just send them a little message and apply in their teams to join them, and make new friends / contacts! In the same way you can create your own team and invite members of Studyka to complete it.

How to communicate with my teammates on the studyka platform?

The studyka platform provides you with a messaging system in order to be able to communicate with all the members in the network. Students of the same team can also use a video-conferencing system to facilitate the exchange of information through a live chat.

How do I protect my ideas? What about Intellectual Property?

Unlike most student competitions, Studyka challenges aim to protect innovative ideas of students. For that, several means are available:

  • Nondisclosure clause may be included in the rules of the challenge
  • the Creative Commons license: in this case, if a company gives an opportunity for a team to develop its projects on a professional basis, the student authors of the project shall be quoted if a publication / marketing use is considered.

Note that the intellectual property clauses can vary depending on the challenge and are always specified in its rules.

Is it possible to participate in several challenges at the same time?

Yes, it is very possible to participate in several challenges at the same time.

Who notes the files?

The records are selected and rated by the managers of the company who provided the research theme.

What kind of software should we make our record? (ppt, word, pdf, prezi, etc...)

The format of the report is clearly stated in the “modalities” section of each challenge.

I am a company

How do I coach students?

Students may be advised by faculty “mentors” or by the company directly on the platform. If you wish, you can associate managers of your company to the teams. They can then thus talk directly to candidates, give them a feedback on their work or you can even have a video-conference with teams directly on Studyka. If there are many teams competing, a Joker system can be put in place to prevent managers from receiving too many questions from students.

How long is a challenge?

A challenge lasts about 3-4 months. During the course of the challenge, you are free to choose the way you get involved. You have the possibility to coach teams, video chat with candidates, give them advice on how to best tackle your problem, or just participate in the selection phase and the voting of projects.

Is it possible to create a challenge in partnership with other companies?

With a common problem, many companies can join together to create a challenge. Successful examples:

  • The Gender Equality challenge linked together companies such as Vinci Construction, Crédit Agricole, Mazars, Adecco or Terrafemina.
  • The City of Tomorrow Challenge allowed SNCF, Bouygues Batiment, Véolia, Jc Decaux et Geodis to make students think about urban issues in the future.

How is the challenge promoted?

Each of our challenge have an average of 100,000 views (estimated number based on french challenges). The promotion of a challenge is done as soon as it is online, and ends a few weeks after the prize-giving ceremony. Many means of communication are implemented by our in-house team to advertize the challenge to the largest number of students possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Can we choose target schools?

It is possible to only target the schools of your interst. However one of the objectives of a challenge is to promote the multidisciplinarity of candidates that can greatly foster innovation within teams. So we recommend to increase communication in the target schools while allowing any interested students to try their luck.

I am a school

What does the school win?

When a team wins it highlights the school. You win thus recognition from our partner companies. They use the challenges to build their candidate library that opens job opportunities for your students. On the other hand, candidates are faced with the workplace environment by partnering with other students in a multidisciplinary team. With the Studyka challenges you allow your students to become professionals.

What year of study should the students be part of?

Great ideas come from anyone. In this way, all students can participate to most of our challenges. More information are available in the challenge rules.

I am a teacher, how can I participate in the challenges?

Studyka lets you offer tutorials and chat with candidates from your school or other training. You can get involved in a project, a challenge throughout its duration. Challenges can also be used as a case study for students. They are a fun educational tool, professionalizing and current, which will involve your students in the current issues of real businesses. To participate in a Studyka challenge or receive more information, contact us.

Your challenges are interesting, how to make your challenges known in our schools?

We offer you various media for our challenges: emails to communicate, documents (flyers, banners, etc.) for students. For more information please feel free to contact us.

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